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Hello everyone! I'd like to just spill for a moment.

I'm super stoked today! I just hit 300 followers on Newgrounds! I appreciate everyone who's joined along in the last few years. I started my NG account in 2013, and had originally wanted to make art and animations for the site. While it is something I've always enjoyed doing, I never really had the patience or the willpower to make that kind of stuff, and I've gained so much respect for the people on here that focus so hard on their art and animating and are able to make their stuff consistently. It's always so inspiring.

I got into making music about 5 years ago now, and that's when I started using Newgrounds a lot more. I never expected I'd ever be a musician. Never knew how to do it my whole life, and I never even started listening to music on my own until I was about 15 and used my mom's Spotify account. I had no idea how people were able to make such cool music, and I had always assumed it was always something done professionally by large teams. My brother started producing music of his own around 2016, and I was amazed at the fact that was even possible for someone to just do. Just a year later, I started making my own as well, and at 15, I'd be astounded to find out that it is now my career, and that it is what I'd like to do for the rest of my life.

Newgrounds has always been incredibly motivating for me because the community is so supportive and enthusiastic, and it is run by people who care deeply about the freedom of artists of all kinds. Their efforts to create a site where people can freely create whatever they'd like and be seen by others has been a godsend for not just me, but all creators alike. It's a platform where new artists can be discovered, and where they can grow. As well as a platform where people can make way to launch into their full-fledged careers. The amount of talent that comes from this site is incredible, and its longevity as a free and user-supported platform is astounding, but also no surprise!

This site has been a wonderful place to share my own work with people from day one. When I hopped into music production, it was always so motivating to receive feedback from others, receive encouraging messages and comments from other users, getting frontpaged, and to see my tracks being used in Geometry Dash, haha!

I am incredibly thankful for Newgrounds, and I look forward to continuing to stick with this platform for as long as it exists (forever, I hope)! I am very thankful to everyone who has followed and listened and encouraged me throughout the years. You are all a big part of why I still love to make and share music, and why I will never quit! I'm excited to be here with you all, and while I know 300, as far as social platforms go, is not a huge number, I am still super thankful and it means a lot to me!

To anyone who read this whole thing, I appreciate you. Thank you for being an awesome part of this awesome platform!